MONEY ONLINE 2013:How to make money with Elance

This is not a long article, about ,,How to make money online”, with thousands of examples of ,,How to use your skills to generate some earnings”. This is a short article about Elance. is the best website from the world for ,,Making Money Online” industry. Last year, they pay their people with over $$600 Million. The top 6 of the countries is: US, Pakistan, UK, Germany, Ukraina and Romania.

Make Money Online with Elance

Make Money Online with Elance

So, if you are skilled of one of the ,,Most wanted internet skills”, like PHP, HTML, .NET, SilverRight, etc, or you know how to make, and edith, pics, music or videos, Or, if you know how to develop websites, this website is for you. On are thousands of offers, but the competition is very strong, because there people make real money, and this is a real job.

Would you like to start making money on Here are a few tips for how I did it. You can too:

Prove you’re legitimate: Thousands of people sign up for Elance but never make any money because they’re not serious about it – they’re just dabbling, or they set up an profile but never get around to bidding on any jobs. One of the most important things you can do as a new contractor on Elance is to verify your credentials. It doesn’t cost much money, but it shows prospective clients that you did in fact graduate from college or work at the companies you claim to have worked at. When you’re new on Elance, you need to stand out from the crowd. Verifying your credentials is a good way to do it.

Keep track of your time: Starting from day one, you need to track your time and make sure you’re being productive. I use an awesome, free tool called Toggl that gives you detailed time tracking – you can keep track of how much time you spend looking for projects, working on each project, and dealing with general administrative stuff. Toggl is fantastic, and I highly recommend it to anyone who works online (or offline).

Stay level-headed: It can be really exciting to land that first Elance project – the excitement of finding new clients and new opportunities still hasn’t worn off for me, and I’ve been doing this for almost three years. But you need to know that there will be lows as well as highs – some clients don’t keep their promises, some clients lead you on and then bail at the last minute, some clients promise you tons of work and then disappear forever. You have to learn to take it all in stride. Just go out there and bid on some new work.

Make it personal: Every time you bid on an Elancejob, you need to show the client that you have read about their specific problem, you care, and you are qualified to help them. Give an original, detailed response to each and every Elance job posting – never use “copy and paste” replies. I have hired people on Elance and I can immediately tell which people have given some thought to the project and are sincere, and which ones are just sending mass-produced spam messages.

Make it punchy: Bidding on Elance jobs is an exercise in grabbing the reader’s attention. Come up with a few quick facts about you – credentials, experience, expertise, similar projects you’ve worked on – and give the client a few bullet points that are relevant to the project.

The first project is the hardest to win: When you’re first starting out on Elance, it can be hard to get work. You might have to bid on 10 or 20 or 100 projects before you get your first job. But once you win that first project, you will have a history on the site. You’ll have a story you can tell to the next prospective client. Every project gives you a foothold as you scale the mountain. Every project leads to the next one.

Elance has changed my life and I will always be grateful to them for giving me a new way to work. I quit my corporate job in July 2010 and never looked back. Working on Elance gives me the income my family needs to have a comfortable life, and I have complete freedom and control of my schedule every day. I can take my kids to the park on a Monday afternoon. I can meet my friends for long lunches. I can take my family on vacation whenever we want to go.

If you want to make more money by working on Elance, I strongly recommend checking it out. You’ve got nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain.

Go here, and register today!

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No verification methods are currently available. Please come back later.

No verification methods are currently available. Please come back later.

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The Secret Of High Adsense Revenues

Great Content plus great software creates the perfect combination for increasing and exploding your Adsense income. Highly ranked websites have a common thread they provide relevant information to online searchers.

adsense income, increase adsense income, how to increase adsense revenue

adsense income, increase adsense income, how to increase adsense revenue

Quality content is the secret to increasing your Adsense income. When you read articles and webpages declaring that “Content is King” you can believe every word.

In the eyes of the sophisticated Goooglebots, content is the holy grail and the foundation for increasing Adsense income.

Many website owners add AdSense ads to their website as a way to expand their income stream. But in addition to the Adsense ads, they must also provide relevant content. A static websites is an interesting as yesterday’s news.

Using relevant articles that continue the theme of the website is the best way to monetize a website. Adsense is a very efficient way to use your website to make money or a way to make money with a website.

Online marketers call this monetizing a site. Simply put that means making your website an employee who goes out onto the World wide web and delivers content to website searchers and in return Google pays you for this service.

Combining article marketing with Adsense Ads is a natural fit. Both of these marketing methods involve creating content and using content. This is the highest and best use of of the many PLR articles and the articles from article directories.

Adsense content publishers realized that the more sites they create, the more income they generate. However, the more sites that are created for Adsense the more content required.

Article directories can supply Adsense publishers with all the articles they need to create quality Adsense sites. Some Adsense publishers are also prolific writers and have the time and the talent to create their own unique content.

If you are not a prolific writer, you can still use unique content for your sites. It is not necessary to attempt to populate your site with your own unique articles. There is so much information available free on the Internet, that you can pull articles and information from several free or paid sources.

Another popular option is join a Private Label Membership site that provides high quality articles on several diferent topics or Niches on a monthly basis.

The quality of content may differ widely but the main point is that each of your niche Adsense websites have a theme and the articles you select should bolster your niche by providing more content and more information.

By creating content rich sites using articles as part of your website configuration, you can rest assured that your site will not be ignored by Google.

Early in the era of mass-produced or software generated sites, Google found these sites to be spam sites that only provided a way for publishers to include an Adsense Ad. These sites provided no content. These sites were quickly de-listed and basically banned from the Google Adsense program.

The new era of software generated websites makes the Googlebots happy by providing hundreds of articles and links to more information on a niche subject. Google wants their searchers to find exactly what they want in the quickest most efficient way possible. If your websites are created with the user in mind, then you can be confident that your sites will earn you
Google sanctioned income.

Article sites provide this to searchers. Putting AdSense on a web page that provides quality content is the first step in generating a large Adsense income. You can keep that content viable by updating the Content on a regular basis or adding RSS feeds to your website.

Even though the main goal is to turn your website into a money making machine, your first task is to give Google what they want. What Google wants is good content. Providing quality content will turn your websites into the money making machine that you want.

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The Secrets of Google Adsense 2013


The Secrets of Google Adsense 2013

The Secrets of Google Adsense 2013 —> It is no surprise that Google Adsense still remain the top favorable income source for most Webmasters. However, as Google implement changes to the advertisement format and behavior, there were considerably a number of Webmasters who are upset about these changes that eventually reduces their earnings.

In order to stay unaffected by the constant changes enforced by Google, a Webmaster has to go back to the basics – creating value to the users. This article will illustrate how you can go about creating valuable content and eventually, pulling in at least hundreds dollars from Google Adsense.

First, the most important factor is to(…)

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Top Paying Keywords

In people’s search for higher incomes from Google AdSense a lot of AdSense publishers are looking to find those keywords that really bring the best income possible. The higher an advertiser pays for a keyword, they more the advertiser receives when they click on a link.

Top Paying Keywords

Top Paying Keywords

But how can you find such words for your site? Well, the answer to that question depends a little on who you are and what you’re prepared to do to get those keywords. But the general good news is that you can indeed find such words if you need them.

Of course, if you can afford such a solution, one of the best ways of getting your hands on those words would be to pay for them. There are specialized companies that do business by finding people good keywords, not only for the purpose of more AdSense revenue but for search engine optimization as well.

Such a service can be found on “Top Paying Keywords” and this is a no-brainer to getting relevant content on your site and increasing your revenue by a whole bunch quickly.

Of course, if such a solution does not work for you, you can ultimately resort to a method of personal investigation. That means you try out keywords by yourself and see which ones work better or worse for yourself.

While you might also be doing this for the first method (paying someone else to get the keywords) it would probably be better then this because you’d at least be narrowing down search to certain items.

While you’re trying this make sure to keep using AdSense’s ‘channels’ feature along the way as it can be a very good way of letting you know which sections of your site are generating income and which aren’t.

Of course, you can also yield a great amount of help from AdSense’s arch enemy Overture. Overture gives you the possibility of entering keywords and finding out not only how much advertisers are paying to get them on your page, but how much people are clicking on the words as well. This service can be found at:

You can also try out a tool called Word Tracker What this tool can do is tell you how many sites are already using the same keywords. Learn from this lesson and don’t try to use the words that a lot of people are already using.

Also, a great aid may very well be found in Google itself. Search Google for any keywords you may wish to include in your pages and look at the results. The results on the left will probably be your competitors (and if they have Google AdSense ads on their page you can bet then are) while the links on the right display ads relevant to your search.

If your search doesn’t yield any AdSense results then you might want to reconsider including those keywords in your site.

Make sure you don’t use any dead words (words that don’t get any links on AdSense other then public ads. That is probably the most important thing you should be doing.

Of course these are only a few methods of getting out of the dead zone and starting to make serious money with AdSense. If you’ve seen a lot of people with “not so hot” websites generating a lot of AdSense revenue, using these tips can get you right behind them (or in front if you’re really smart) very fast. Although this is the case it is also very important to remember that having the highest paying words does not mean that you make the most money. You have to also consider how many times the advert is clicked on.

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A Primer on Medical Acupuncture

Have you ever had an uncontrollable urge to be pierced by a dozen needles? This is the image most people get when someone mentions the word “acupuncture”. It comes as no surprise that most view this technique with suspicion, even downright horror. The fact is, however, that this relatively painless ancient Chinese technique has helped relieve the symptoms of millions of people. Properly used, it can help in the management of many medical conditions including chronic pain and fatigue.

How does needle puncture work?

Practitioners of Chinese traditional medicine believe in energy flows. This energy, called Qi, circulates around the body using pathways called meridians. Meridians run very close to the surface of the skin in certain areas and can be accessed by needles. Much like plumbing, these pipes can get blocked or go the wrong way, causing health problems. The insertion of needles at these points is aimed to help loosen blocks and normalize flow.

It sounds like a made-up explanation with no basis in reality, but there are numerous scientific studies which support the effects of acupuncture. Although the exact scientific basis is still unknown, recent theories seem to suggest involvement of complicated neurochemical effects in the brain, nerve to spinal cord impulse modulation, and microscopic connective tissue changes.

What risks and side effects are of concern?

The use of things not completely understood for the treatment of medical conditions is nothing new. Penicillin and aspirin were used for decades solely on the basis of their beneficial effects, without doctors knowing exactly how they worked. Results are what are truly important. However, it is equally important is to ensure that the technique is used safely.

Like other strategies used in treating health conditions, acupuncture may have some side effects. Medications have side effects and allergic reactions, surgeries have risk of infection and complications. For needle puncture, there is a risk of injury, rare infections, minor bleeding, small bruises, and some dizziness.

You can minimize the possible side effects by choosing a licensed acupuncturist. Most countries either have government licensing in place or have professional organizations with very strict rules and regulations.

How do treatments go?

An acupuncturist will do an initial evaluation of your medical history and your body’s current state. Multiple pressure points are palpated, and a regimen of treatment is formulated. Most courses involve a series of 10 to 20 treatment sessions, each lasting 30 to 90 minutes. Needles will be carefully placed at the required points and kept in place for some time. Most patients report a feeling of mild sensation at the site of the puncture, but no real pain.

Right after each acupuncture session, you will feel a bit tired and may need to rest. Some people feel an increase in their energy levels. The response to acupuncture is very individual. In some cases there is immediate relief of symptoms. For some patients, the beneficial effects may only be noticed after undergoing a few sessions. Do not be alarmed and keep your acupuncturist updated on what you are feeling to ensure everything is going as expected.

You need never fear the thought of needles ever again. Acupuncture is a beneficial treatment with a long history of effectiveness. It is used to complement current medical therapy and should not replace currently existing medications or treatments.

The safe application of this once exclusively Chinese therapy can now be experienced by chronic disease sufferers worldwide.

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Basic Yoga Postures And Their Variations

Basic Yoga Postures and their Variations

Basic Yoga Postures and their Variations

1. THE COBRA Do this in easy stages. Lie down, face prone, legs tightly together and stretched back, forehead on the floor. Put your hands, palm down, just under your shoulders. Inhale and raise your head, pressing your neck back, now use your hands to push your trunk up until you are bending in a beautiful arc from your lower spine to the back of your neck. You need go no further than this. However, if you are supple enough, you can now straighten your arms completely, bend the legs at the knees and drop your head back to touch your feet. Even if your head goes nowhere near your feet, drop it back as far as possible and hold the posture with deep breathing. Come out of the posture very slowly, returning to the face prone posture. Relax with your head to one side. Repeat

Basic Yoga Postures and their Variations

Basic Yoga Postures and their Variations

2. THE BOW This is also an extreme version of the simple bow. It is surprising how many children can do it immediately. Take it, once again, in easy stages. Lie face prone on your mat. If you are very slim have a nice thick, padded mat for this one. Inhale and bend your knees up. Stretch back with your arms and catch hold of your ankles, keeping fingers and thumbs all together on the outside. Inhale and at the same time raise your head and chest, pulling at your ankles and lifting knees and thighs off the floor. Breathe normally, trying to kick up your legs higher and lifting your head up. You are now bent like a bow, balancing the weight of your body on your abdomen. You can stop right here but if you can still stretch further, then slide your hands down your legs, lift them higher, keep the knees together and pull back as much as you can. Hold for a few normal deep breaths, then relax back to the face-prone position, head to one side.

Basic Yoga Postures and their Variations

Basic Yoga Postures and their Variations

3. THE SHOOTING BOW In Sanskrit this is known as Akarna Dhanurasana and one leg is drawn up like a shooting bow. Sit with both legs stretched out in front and back straight. Reach forward with both hands and clasp your feet, catching the right foot with the left hand and the left foot with the right hand. Inhale, bend the left knee and pull the foot across the body, close to your chest, pointing the elbow up and twisting the body slightly to the right. The left hand stays firm and tight, holding the right foot. Hold posture with normal breathing, release slowly, and relax. Repeat on other side. In the beginning it is enough to hold the bent left leg with the right hand. When this is easy, stretch down and hold the left foot with the right hand. Continue to pull on the left foot, lifting it higher on each exhalation.

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